New Product/Project Business Cases

  • Identify customer needs to determine market opportunities
  • Analyze the current market and competitive environment
  • ​Create fact-based financial model to assess potential return on investments, costs, and benefits
  • Develop product viability plans to ensure successful product launches

Opportunity Analysis


  • Assess the current innovation process and develop protocol for the flow of ideas and data
  • ​Provide a forum for ideas to be generated, evaluated, and prioritized
  • Conduct market research to determine if innovation is incremental or disruptive

Product Analysis and Optimization

  • Conduct strategic reviews of current products and pipeline projects to assess their fit within the organization's strategic plan
  • Conduct capital and labor resource allocation analysis

  • ​Analyze the complete project to identify financial profitability and intangible benefits to ensure efficient deployment of capital and labor resources 

Product/Project Post Mortem

  • Assess the successes and failures of past products/projects to incorporate the lessons learned into new products/projects
  • Improve product/project selection process with historical knowledge