New Product/Project Business Cases

Problem: Mid-Sized technology company sought to develop product for under-served markets.

Result: Conducted an analysis of an under-served market including  market needs, potential product benefits, the market's growth potential, and competitors servicing the market.  Determined the capital investment, analyzed the ROI, and developed a product launch strategy.

Case Studies: Opportunity Analysis


Problem: Start-up technology company required an understanding of the market and competitive environment for its product.

Result: Provided a comprehensive landscape analysis of the competition's offerings, pricing, and customer strategy. Identified target customers and developed a value proposition to differentiate the product from the market.  Drafted a pricing and marketing strategy.

Product Analysis and Optimization

Problem: Technology company needed to streamline current process for allocating time to existing and new products within the constraints of labor and capital.

Result: Created a financial and time allocation approval process for each project.  Eliminated projects that were not aligned with the company's strategic direction.  Arrived at a balanced portfolio of projects that were in line with the company's goals. 

Product/Project Post Mortem

Problem: Technology company wanted to learn from past successes and failures on product launches, software development, financial assumptions, and  consumer expectations.

Result: Developed a full review of projects for the last three years. Identified at what point in time the project succeeded or failed and why.  Used these results to adjust the product evaluation processes  to exploit an opportunity or mitigate a risk.