Financial Modeling Examples

  • Product performance
  • Valuation for start up and funded companies 
  • Potential acquisitions 
  • New product and product strategy
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis
  • Sales commissions

Financial Analysis

Monthly Analysis

  • Analyze financial result to exploit opportunities and to control misses
  • Create periodic reporting packages for senior management


  • Create corporate and project budgets
  • Develop long range budgets in support of strategic goals
  • Implement and/or improve the budget process 


  • Develop forecasts based on scenarios and actual results
  • Provide rolling forecasts
  • Analyze cash flow to ensure the forecast is obtainable
  • Implement and/or improve the forecast process


  • Convert strategic plans into operational components
  • Design customized KPI dashboards to provide management with the insight required to steer the company towards its goals

Metric Analysis

  • Translate company's strategy into actionable key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Implement process to capture missing data to support KPI metrics
  • Track and benchmark KPIs to assess value creations