Financial Modeling

Problem: Start-up technology company sought a financial valuation model for venture funding. 

Results: Produced an initial valuation based on a tiered revenue model and a cost structure which focused on customer acquisition cost.  Calculated the lifetime value of each customer to predict churn rate through data analytics to support funding.

Case Studies: Financial Analysis

Monthly Analysis

​​Problem: Publicly traded healthcare company's margin and cash flow were diminishing month over month.

Results: Adjusted the monthly financial review's focus on write off accounts and developed a predictive model to assess the likelihood that an account would be written off. 


Problem: Small business needed an annual budget to track existing business and new growth campaigns.

Results: Developed a financial budget to identify which growth campaigns worked and adjusted those that did not to achieve maximum return.  Tracked the expenses and cash flow against the budget to ensure margin improvement.


Problem: Growing technology company needed a revenue forecast to be presented to investors because its pipeline was constantly changing.

Results: Created a dynamic revenue forecast along with a utilization forecast to determine expenses and, more importantly, cash flow.  The model forecasted out 3 years, which allowed easier funding conversations.   


Problem: Mid-sized business with multiple business units sought a dashboard to measure performance of business units against strategic goals.

Results: Translated the strategic goals into measurable metrics and developed a customized dashboard that provide the management a quick view of where the company tracked against its strategic goals. 

Metric Analysis

Problem: Growing law firm required financial and production metrics.

Results: Implemented a financial system that captured productivity and provided financial insight.  This led to data-driven metrics and allowed the firm to make decisions regarding international expansion, controlled organic growth and divestiture of unprofitable business units.