Market and Competition Analysis

  • Assess the current market, competitive landscape, and relevant economic trends
  • Identify opportunities to service unmet customer needs within the market place
  • Conduct war games analysis with managment team to identify the competition's next move 

Corporate Strategy

Growth Opportunities

  • Work to refine the organization's growth plan through organic growth, partnership opportunities, and merger and acquisition targets

  • Provide a risk assessment of the desired growth plan and identify opportunities and strategies to implement it

Drivers of Profitability and Value

  • Analyze the business model for each product
  • Determine profitability and KPIs of each product to better track its performance and value generation
  • Review current product pricing and illustrate the effect that cost changes will have on price and profitability
  • Provide recommendations to mitigate risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs for each product

Evaluation of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Evaluate the market and potential companies based on the company's strategic initiatives
  • Create a financial model for the potential deal to determine valuation, risk , and return on investments
  • Determine the post transaction  strategy for the combined company to help to realize the opportunities for growth, synergies and cross-selling