Market and Competition Analysis

Problem: Fortune 500 company wanted to understand the consumer marketplace and competitive environment for the potential introduction of an innovative product.

Result: Developed a consumer use occasions overview for the product through interviews and demographic analysis. Created a product adoption index for each US state based on awareness and usage of complementary products.

Case Studies: Corporate Strategy

Growth Opportunities

Problem: Small technology company with larger ambitions required a growth strategy. 

Result: Worked with the company to develop a three-pronged growth strategy: changing the sales organization to enhance cross- selling of products, branding the company as a specialist in specific industries, and creating strategic partnerships to expand geographically. 

Drivers of Profitability and Value

Problem: Growing technology company needed to understand the impact that delays and pricing would have on quarterly margins and cash flow.

Result: Developed a model to analyze profitability by client to provide a holistic view of revenue and margin. With this model, Prosperity Analytics dynamically illustrated margin and cash flow impacts due to pricing and revenue delays.

Evaluation of Mergers and Acquisitions

Problem: Private equity fund sought to add to its portfolio of companies.

Result: Based on the fund's technology strategy, selected industries with above average future growth, and then identified undervalued companies in those industries.  After engaging these companies, conducted  a valuation and ROI analysis to determine price viability.